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Debugging Setup

XMHF debugging is done primarily via the serial port. See Installing uberXMHF (pc-intel-x86_32) for how to pass serial port configuration parameters to XMHF. You can use dmesg | grep ttyS on a Linux guest OS on the target system to examine the serial ports that the target system recognizes.

For machines without a physical serial port (e.g., laptops), you may leverage Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) Serial-Over-LAN (SOL) capability. AMT SOL exposes a serial port to the underlying platform once enabled (typically in the BIOS).

Serial Debuging without AMT

Serial Debugging with AMT

You will typically need to enable AMT in the BIOS/firmware of the target system . Since various BIOSes expose AMT in different ways, we will use the HP EliteBook 8540p/2540p laptop as a running example; the AMT specific instructions probably need a little adaptation on other platforms running AMT.