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Debugging Setup

uberXMHF (rpi3-cortex_a53-armv8_32) debugging is done primarily via the Raspberry PI 3 serial port.

You will need to purchase a USB to TTL serial cable such as the one available here

Connect Pin 6 on PI to GND of serial cable; Pin 8 to RX and Pin 10 to TX.

See Installing uberXMHF (rpi3-cortex_a53-armv8_32) for how to install the uberXMHF binaries on the SD card. In the Deploying binaries to SD Card section, perform the following on the host system where development is done:

1. Edit `~/mnt/pi-boot/config.txt` and add the following lines: 

Before powering up the PI 3 and performing a boot, do the following on the host system in a seperate terminal (replace ttyUSB0 with the serial port of the USB to TTL adapter):

sudo screen /dev/ttyUSB0 115200 8N1