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Refer to the build process to build the required binaries for installation. Then proceed with the following instructions to deploy uberXMHF on the SD card:

Deploying binaries to SD Card

  1. mkdir -p ~/mnt/pi-boot

  2. mkdir -p ~/mnt/pi-root

  3. sudo mount /dev/mmcblk0p1 ~/mnt/pi-boot

  4. sudo mount /dev/mmcblk0p2 ~/mnt/pi-root

  5. sudo cp ~/uxmhf-rpi3-staging/uhcalltest ~/mnt/pi-root/home/pi/.

  6. sudo cp ~/uxmhf-rpi3-staging/uhcallkmod.ko ~/mnt/pi-root/home/pi/.

  7. sudo cp ~/uxmhf-rpi3-staging/uxmhf-rpi3.img ~/mnt/pi-boot/.

  8. sudo cp ~/uxmhf-rpi3-staging/config.txt ~/mnt/pi-boot/.

  9. Append loglevel=8 memblock=debug dwc_otg.fiq_enable=0 dwc_otg.fiq_fsm_enable=0 to ~/mnt/pi-boot/cmdline.txt

  10. sudo cp ~/uxmhf-rpi3-staging/boot/* ~/mnt/pi-boot/.

  11. sudo mkdir -p ~/mnt/pi-boot/overlays

  12. sudo cp -R ~/uxmhf-rpi3-staging/overlays/* ~/mnt/pi-boot/overlays/.

  13. sudo cp ~/uxmhf-rpi3-staging/kernel7.img ~/mnt/pi-boot/.

  14. sudo mkdir -p ~/mnt/pi-root/lib/firmware

  15. sudo cp -R ~/uxmhf-rpi3-staging/mod_install/lib/firmware/* ~/mnt/pi-root/lib/firmware/.

  16. sudo mkdir -p ~/mnt/pi-root/lib/modules/4.4.50-v7+

  17. sudo cp -R ~/uxmhf-rpi3-staging/mod_install/lib/modules/4.4.50-v7+/* ~/mnt/pi-root/lib/modules/4.4.50-v7+/.

  18. Edit ~/mnt/pi-root/etc/fstab and comment out line beginning with /dev/mmcblk0p1 which is mounted to boot

Boot up and test

  1. umount ~/mnt/pi-boot

  2. umount ~/mnt/pi-root

  3. Insert sd-card into the Raspberry PI 3

  4. Power on the Raspberry PI 3

  5. … and you should see uberXMHF booting up with debug output and the guest starting soon thereafter